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Northern California Occupational Clinic, Inc. has been serving patients in Northern California for decades. We have been providing multidisciplinary care to injured workers and their families. We have a team of Physicians in the specialties of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Occupational Medicine, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Podiatry, Acupuncture and more.


Northern California Occupational Clinic physicians and staff understand the challenges posed by SB 863.


We know how difficult it can be to receive compassionate and high quality medical care when patients are injured, and need it most. Northern California Occupational Clinic provides care to injured workers that want to be treated by staff and Doctors that understand their pain, and provide the treatment that they deserve.


We have the short wait times, and our trained medical staff and experienced doctors will treat our patients like family. We will carefully listen to patient needs, precisely diagnose symptoms and provide the most effective medical treatment based on the patients’ individual health needs. Our attention to this process is what helps put the Northern California Occupational Clinic ahead of traditional health clinics and hospitals.


Our Doctors and staff are versed in the current Medical Guidelines: MTUS, ACOEM, ODG and provide treatment per those criteria.


Additionally, at Northern California Occupational Clinic:


Primary Treating Physicians (PTP for Work Injuries)

Secondary Treating and Consulting Physicians

Orthopedic Consulting

Interventional / Surgical Procedures

Functional Capacity Evaluations

In-House Medication Dispensing


Limited Onsite Blood Work

Multilingual Doctors and Staff Members

Timely, well-reasoned, and accurately rated reports following the 5th edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.



Information for Lawyers Referring Patients to the Northern California Occupational Clinic


Thank you for referring patients to the Northern California Occupational Clinic for care.  When referring patients, please include the following:


  1. 4600 letter
  2. Patient demographics
  3. Medical records
  4. Status of the claim and all legal documents related to the claim.


Please forward patient records to the Northern California Occupational Clinic. Fax new patient referrals to fax-line 510-533-7918 or email them to For more information, you can also contact Hilda at 510-532-5242.   Any questions regarding billing can be directed to Regina at 408-988-8581 x323. You can also email Regina at